Morse Code

HEART Morse Code Swarovski Crystal Bracelet


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    For those of you who wear your heart on your sleeve...

    H E A R T
    .... . ._ ._. _

    Morse code bracelets are a way to have a word, name, or message hidden within your bracelet. It’s a sure conversation piece! HEART is coded into these bracelets using morse code with the crystals.

    There are 8 unique bracelets available in this color scheme.

    Amethyst Crystals
    Indigo Crystals
    Montana Crystals
    Cobalt Crystals
    As well as 4 bracelets with all 4 colors alternating with each letter. (These 4 are all unique as well since no two have the same color alternations).

    Each bracelet fits wrists up to 7” and is finished with a heart shaped toggle clasp.