Mermaid Jewelry

Mermaiden Agate, Crystal, and Shell Bracelet and Earring Set


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    Add a sense of ocean to your jewelry collection with sapphire agate, shiny shell beads, faceted glass, and brilliant Swarovski crystals - all things a mermaid would collect! Each set is one of a kind as the sapphire agate and shell beads are all slightly unique. Copper accents add bold contrast to each piece.

    Each set includes a bracelet and pair of earrings.

    Only 5 sets were created. 3 sets include bracelets to fit up to a 6.5” wrist while the other 2 are set at 7” and I can add more links to those 2 upon request. Please message me before purchase of the 7” bracelet sets if you will need them elongated.