Iridescent Glass Bubble Earrings on Copper Wire


Iridescent glass bubbles on copper wire that sway as you walk to brighten up your look. The translucent ones will appear lighter or darker depending on the lighting you are in - so indoor bright light and being outside in sunlight will give them a more airy appearance as the light travels through them and illuminates the glass.

There are 4 color options.

Champagne translucent glass - a rich creamy tone.

Blue translucent glass - the color of the glistening sea.

Light purple opaque glass - as if you opened an oyster to find a slightly pigmented pearl.

Purple translucent glass - a deep amethyst tone.

Each pair is approximately 3.5 long from the top of the ear wire to the very bottom of the last glass drop on the chain.

Reviews (2)


well made versatile light weight simple yet elegant

very very elegant light weight easy to wear i bought 2 pairs

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