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I’m not one to write about myself, so I’ll try to find the inspiration to do this... I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania. I’ve always been into creativity and arts - as a child, I would draw and color quite often, as well as build detailed creations with my legos. I was one of the kids who actually stayed inside the lines, and when I wasn’t in the lines, it was because I was adding my own designs to the pictures. Growing up, I took various art classes outside of school - from pottery and sculpting to sketching and watercolor painting. How I came into designing and creating jewelry is a bit of a different scenario though.

I tend to get bored with things rather quickly and need new challenges, new adventures, and new twists to add to my life. One day I was just browsing around a craft store and voila! There was the wire and beading section. It intrigued me, so I bought some multi-colored wires and random seed beads and started just tinkering around with them. Somehow it turned into a wire-wrapped bracelet. I modified the “blue prints” and made another. To be honest, it wasn’t fancy at all and it definitely wasn’t something I would have ever considered selling or showing the public, but it thrilled me to turn a few simple things into something more.

I expanded eventually and bought some books and magazines, did some online research, and within a few years, I had a decent collection of plated wires, gemstones, crystals, and various metal and glass beads. I’ve never taken any actual classes on beading or jewelry making, but I have always been better at teaching myself than listening to an instructor. I’ve found that trial and error and the vast information on the internet are just as good for learning the basics. And after the basics, the rest is up to me, the designer - how simple or complex I want a piece, which colors or types of beads and wires I wish to use, and if it’s something anyone would even buy or want for a gift.

I use all types of gemstones and glass beads in my designs, and all of the wire I use is either copper, silver-plated, or gold-plated. Swarovski is my default company for the crystals incorporated into my pieces. In my opinion, they are the most lustrous, vibrant, “blingy” crystals when compared to other companies. I currently make bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. I don’t always make a complete set that looks identical. I think it makes the wearer look more skilled and fashionable if he or she is capable of putting different but matching pieces together rather than looking like all of your accessories were bought on a whim with no time or thought involved. I do have some “sets,” but they aren’t always perfectly identical. If you have any questions about a piece or if I can make something similar because there is a part of it that you don’t quite like, please just ask. I will not however, ever duplicate a piece... everything must stay unique and one-of-a-kind. The only exception would be if someone requested several of the same piece/pieces and they were all going to the same buyer so that no one would by chance show up to the same gathering with the same jewelry unless it was actually planned that way.

I believe in a world of uniqueness. A place where we don’t go to the malls and find 10 of the same exact item lined up on a rack. We all want to be different to an extent - we all deserve to love ourselves with a little bit of vanity. Be you. Be one-of-a-kind. Be vain.

-B.Vain Jewelry LLC
Owner and Designer: Bradley D Miller

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