Helping you feel beautiful and unique.

I’m a small-town born and raised artist in Pennsylvania, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love big cities. I’ve always been interested in anything artsy and creative since I can remember. My jewelry-making skills are self-taught from years of having my head in books and watching video tutorial after video tutorial learning various techniques. I spent years making jewelry for family and friends before I actually began selling it as a business. I wanted to help people feel good about themselves when they walked into a room full of people.

I work with a large variety of supplies but for metal - I tend to favor the raw earthy look that copper gives. I combine that with gemstones, crystals, shells, pearls, and glass to create an array of looks for my customers. I love having customers that are complete opposites as in one would never wear what the other likes. I respect that because we are all different and should be appreciative of each others’ tastes. I believe in a world of uniqueness. A place where we don’t go to the malls and find 20 of the same exact item lined up on a rack. We all want to be different to an extent - we all deserve to love ourselves with a little bit of vanity. Be you. Be one-of-a-kind. Be vain.

-B.Vain Jewelry LLC
Owner and Designer: Bradley D Miller

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